Free SSL

All new website hosting accounts come with free SSL.... that's a nice saving :-)
Give your visitors confidence that they are secure whilst on your website.

25th Jun 2020
Domain Registration Low Prize Freeze

To help our current and new clients we are freezing new domain registrations and hosting costs.
Also if you already have a website hosted with us and need help to get new information out to your clients we are here to help, just get in touch via our support center and we'll jump onto it.

22nd May 2020
Changes to outgoing email server settings

Changes to SMTP Ports As of September 2019, any mail client sending via SMTP through our mail servers should use port 587 instead of ports 25 or 465. Details on how to change this will vary on your mail client, but we've detailed some of these further down this article. It is also advisable to use STARTTLS for your ... Read More »

24th Oct 2019
Protecting your website from attacks

With the amount of website attacks on the increase we have started to implement CloudFlare DNS Proxy and we have already seen some attacks stopped within 24hrs of going live.
We don't just host websites and email, we continually add new tools to protect them for our clients.
More details here:


7th Feb 2019
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